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ISBN/EAN: 9781635574104 / 1635574102

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Pages: 848

Format: Hardcover

Publication Date: January 30, 2024

Shipping Available: No

$32.00 USD

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*This means we have reached our limit for the number of pre-orders we are allowed to set aside. But don't worry! We'll have 40 copies to sell in-store on a first-come-first-served basis beginning 1/30/24!

House of Flame and Shadow by Sarah J. Maas


This independent bookstore exclusive edition includes a bonus scene featuring Bryce and Danika on the fateful night Bryce got her tattoo.

The stunning third book in the sexy, action-packed Crescent City series, following the global bestsellers House of Earth and Blood and House of Sky and Breath.


Bryce Quinlan never expected to see a world other than Midgard, but now that she has, all she wants is to get back. Everything she loves is in Midgard: her family, her friends, her mate. Stranded in a strange new world, she's going to need all her wits about her to get home again. And that's no easy feat when she has no idea who to trust.


Hunt Athalar has found himself in some deep holes in his life, but this one might be the deepest of all. After a few brief months with everything he ever wanted, he's in the Asteri's dungeons again, stripped of his freedom and without a clue as to Bryce's fate. He's desperate to help her, but until he can escape the Asteri's leash, his hands are quite literally tied.


In this sexy, breathtaking sequel to the #1 bestsellers House of Earth and Blood and House of Sky and Breath, Sarah J. Maas's Crescent City series reaches new heights as Bryce and Hunt's world is brought to the brink of collapse with its future resting on their shoulders.


Your pre-order also counts as your ticket to our in-store midnight release party, starting 1/29/24 into 1/30/24! This indie edition is only available for a limited time while supplies last. Any remaining copies will be sold on a first-come first-served basis on Tuesday 1/30/24.

If you pre-order but cannot make the midnight release, that's okay! We'll hold your copy behind the bar for pickup starting 1/30/24. Please note that we cannot offer shipping at this time. We just ask that you pick up your purchase within 30 days

Pre-order deadline is 11:59 PM CT on 1/28/24

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