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We know that you would prefer to peruse our book inventory in person (with a glass of wine in hand) but we also understand that sometimes life gets in the way. So for those moments when you need a new read but can't manage to get to us, please know that if you order your book through our online partner Bookshop, you can choose from our curated titles or anything else you'd otherwise find on Amazon! The books will be mailed to your doorstep and we will receive a small commission. Bookshop is a great way to support your favorite local retailer (us!) even if you can't visit in person. 

Do you prefer to listen to audiobooks? If so, check out our storefront! They operate with a similar model to help support local bookstores just like us.

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Did You Know: For every $100 spent at an independent business, $68 stays in the community. That number is reduced to $43 for national chains while none of the money spent via online retailers (besides Bookshop!) stays in the neighborhood.
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